September 30th 2016 Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights


I apologize if this isn’t up to the usual standard of Friday Night Lights. I was given a bad pen to use. I also want to deny all the rumors floating around that I am ill. The sniffling comes from an allergy, not from a cold, and not from snorting cocaine, as one of our readers insinuated. To paraphrase Senator Elizabeth Warren, “Gutless readership!”

Last Saturday St. Mary’s Springs defeated Omro, the defending Flyway Conference Champions, 48 – 0. This Saturday Springs plays Winnebago Lutheran Academy. I did offer a suggestion to the WIAA D-VI defending state champions. The roster shown in the program for their games lists player number, name, position, height and weight and year in school. Standard stuff. I suggested including hometown, so that fans can see just how wide a recruiting net St. Mary’s Springs casts.


Last Saturday night, under the lights at Ingalls Field — the lights had been left on from the Ripon College game in the afternoon (the members of the game management crew from Ripon College were in a hurry to get in front of a television at Miller’s [the bar] to watch Duke defeat Notre Dame) — the Ripon Seahawks defeated the Ripon Saints (I didn’t know there was such a thing) 19 – 18 in a third-grade flag football game. An instant classic on ESPN. The Seahawks’ stud QB had a 40-yard touchdown run, and, on defense, an interception. Alas, he threw a pick six near the end of the game, and the Seahawks were forced to stuff the extra point attempt on the last play of the game to eke out the one-point win. I was informed that there were scouts from St. Mary’s Springs in the stands, but they left immediately after the pick six.

This weekend is homecoming at Ripon College. It marks the 20th anniversary of the 1996 Midwest Conference championship team, and that team will be honored at halftime. This week I had the opportunity to watch some video of one of the members from that team, one of our loyal readers, playing in a 1992 WIAA Level I high school playoff game: Port Washington versus Sussex Hamilton. Based on the video that I observed, I was surprised that this gentleman hadn’t been recruited by St. Mary’s Springs. I was especially impressed that he carried the ball five yards into the end zone before flipping it to the ground; contrary to the current style of flipping the ball to the ground at the two-yard line. I don’t know what to say about the Do-Rag that he was wearing. Although, if it is sunny on Saturday afternoon, some sort of head covering may be recommended attire for many of the members of the 1996 championship team, some 20 years after their college days.  This 1996 team was awesome and it is my understanding that the event at Ingalls field is going to be sponsored by the professional carpet cleaners over at Stevens Point Carpet Cleaning.  Glad to see them chipping in at Ripon College!

Video of that game can be found on last weeks post here.

On to the scores:

Berlin 28                                   Ripon 14
Winneconne 35                               Waupun 14
Plymouth 35                                 Campbellsport 6
Kewaskum 56                                 Kettle Moraine Lutheran 0
Laconia 33                                  Mayville 7
Omro 38                                     Lomira 7
Howard’s Grove 24                           North Fond du Lac 21
Markesan 36                                 Palmyra-Eagle 0
Johnson Creek 28                            Randolph 14
Cambria-Friesland 34                        Lourdes Academy 13
Montello/Princeton/Green Lake 55            Wayland Academy 0
Kiel 35                                     Brillion 7      
Port Washington 42                          Grafton 21
Nekoosa 42                                  Wautoma 6
Neenah 26                                   Wisconsin Rapids 24
Pulaski 34                                  De Pere 7      
Luxemburg-Casco 56                          Clintonville 0
Pittsville 49                               Phillips 7      
Kenosha Bradford 40                         Racine Park 0
Mukwonago 42                                Waukesha North 14                        
Xavier 35                                   Green Bay East 12  
Kohler/Sheboygan Lutheran/Christian 22      St. Mary Catholic 7 
Hartford 14                                 Beaver Dam 0                                              
Wauwatosa West 39                           Pewaukee 10                                                            

And on Saturday

St. Mary’s Springs                                                  Winnebago Lutheran Academy


The number one qualifying requirement for the WIAA football playoffs is an above 0.500 winning percentage in conference play. Second is a 0.500 winning percentage in conference play. A number of schools have already qualified under the first requirement, and others are already the proverbial toast. Still others have work to do. Ripon for example, despite its 2 – 3 East Central Conference record can become playoff eligible by winning its final two (conference) games. It should be noted that in 2013 Winneconne had a 2 – 5 record, won its final two games to become eligible with an overall 4 – 5 record. The Wolves then won five consecutive games to win the WIAA D-IV championship.

Below I have listed those already qualified under the over 0.500 winning percentage. And those that are already toast. If your team is not listed, it is somewhere between the two extremes. We will have a better handle on more teams after week eight.

In Like Flynn — Berlin, Kewaskum Kiel, Markesan, Pewaukee, Plymouth.

Toast – Clintonville, Kettle Moraine Lutheran, Lomira, North Fond du Lac, Racine Park, Randolph, St. Mary Catholic, Waupun.

Of course this weekend marks golf’s three-day Ryder Cup golf at Hazeltine in the Twin Cities. The competition has been ramped up by the incendiary comments made by Peter Willett, brother of European golfer and Masters Champion Danny Willett.


[The Europeans] need to silence the pudgy, basement-dwelling, irritants, stuffed on cookie dough and pissy beer, pausing between mouthfuls of hotdog so they can scream ‘Baba booey’ until their jelly faces turn red.

They need to stun the angry, unwashed, Make America Great Again swarm, desperately gripping their concealed-carry compensators and belting out a mini-erection inducing ‘mashed potato,’ hoping to impress their cousin.

They need to smash the obnoxious dads, with their shiny teeth, Lego man hair, medicated ex-wives, and resentful children. Squeezed into their cargo shorts and boating shoes, they’ll bellow ‘get in the hole’ whilst high-fiving all the other members of the Dentists’ Big Game Hunt Society.

If these things happen, Europe will win, and I’ll try to support gracefully by embracing the same sense of fair-mindedness that has permeated this unbiased article. If not, the Americans will claim their second victory this century… those fat, stupid, greedy, classless, bastards.

I intend to invite Mr. Willett to write an op-ed for Friday Night Lights, as I understand he has some strong opinions on recruiting by high school teams.



September 23rd 2016 Friday Night Lights

Congratulations to the Port Washington Pirates on being named team of the week in week #5. Check the scores in Friday Night Lights to see if the Pirates won in Week  #6


The Port Washington Pirates have been selected as the Week #5 U.S. Army Team of the Week following a statewide vote on WSN. The Pirates took down Cedarburg, giving them a solid shot at playoffs for the first time since 2008. The Pirates have not made the playoffs since 2008, when a junior quarterback named Josh Gasser led the team to Level 3. In order to end the streak, the team knew it would have to get by one of the North Shore’s big four programs, and Friday night it finally happened. The Pirates blew open a close game with four straight touchdowns in the second and third quarters to win 55-34 over Cedarburg.

Josh Gasser? At least it didn’t extend all the way back to one of our readers, 1992 season!

I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get this week’s edition of Friday Night Lights out. I have my right hand and wrist wrapped in an ace bandage and splint, like Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf when testifying before the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday, and typing is very difficult for me; even without the splint. So the question is, how did I hurt my hand?

  • Roughhousing with my grandchildren, which is how Mr. Stumpf claimed that he hurt his hand.
  • I slammed my hand in a door through which I was attempting to steal candy from a baby. The Huffington Post asserted that this is how Mr. Stumpf injured his hand.

Personally, I suspect that either Mr. Stumpf injured his hand by punching a wall when he heard he was going to be questioned by Elizabeth Warren, known as Pocahontas by my man The Donald. Or, Mr. Stumpf hadn’t injured his hand at all, but his PR firm had him wear the bandage and splint in hopes of garnering some sympathy for the poor man’s plight. I hope he didn’t hire Ari Fleischer’s PR firm; but as poorly prepared as Mr. Stumpf appeared to be, perhaps that is whom he hired.

But I digress; we had a number of great football related stories this week, so let’s get to them.

During the Ripon Rotary board meeting Monday morning the club president’s cellphone started to ring. I had to inform the board members that the song being played was ‘Boomer Sooner’, which I had not heard being played Saturday night during the Ohio State – Oklahoma football game. Saturday night it was ‘The Buckeye Battle Cry’ ad nauseam.

A Michigan fan called the Paul Feinbaum Show on the SEC Network, and the two gentlemen got in an argument over the coaching abilities, and credit received, of Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh; coaches of Alabama and Michigan respectively. After the caller hung up, Mr. Feinbaum continued ranting (that is why it is better to be the callee, rather than the caller), and said of Michigan fans, “Is there a more pathetic fan base in America than the University of Michigan? What a whiny and sniveling bunch.” Sniveling?

So I fired off an email to my good Michigan friend, Little Blue (he calls me Red), in Grand Haven, MI on the eastern shore of what we like to call Lake Wisconsin to get his take on Mr. Feinbaum’s comments.

“He’s a bald headed short little weasel…only the bumpkins and goobers down South listen to him…” Goobers?

And then we had video surfacing of Pat Hobbs, the athletic director at Rutgers (The State University of New Jersey) having a beer last Saturday at a pregame tailgate party. A tailgate party that the university had arranged for students. Students drinking beer before a football game? I am shocked. Hours after the video was released, Mr. Hobbs apologized for his actions, telling NJ Advance Media that he was trying to control the atmosphere of the tailgate party, which was getting a little out of hand. Nothing like a beer or two to get things under control. Alas, the university has cancelled the tailgate parties going forward.

But how about some actual football? After the first touchdown that Stanford scored against USC last Saturday, the Trojans defended the PAT attempt with eight players on the field. I believe that one of our readers has a daughter who has a degree from USC; an engineering degree in fact. Eight players? USC better get that corrected by November 5th when the Oregon Ducks come to LA to play the Trojans, as the Ducks always go for two points after a touchdown; a ploy that drives Gerry DiNardo (former All-American at Notre Dame) of the Big Ten Network bonkers. Last weekend the Ducks were successful on their first two-point attempt against Nebraska, and then misfired on their next four attempts. I believe that the Ducks lost by three.

NOTE: The Ripon College Red Hawks failed to successfully convert any PATs in their first game this year, despite scoring five TDs. And in 2015 the Ripon Tigers were 0 – 9; for the season. Why Pascal Rinnert once kicked nine PATs for the Tigers – in one game.

I think I have discovered the reason for the strategy that the Ducks employ. Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars that Phil Knight of Nike has given to the athletic department at the University of Oregon, Nike has been unable to develop a kicking shoe that will fit over the Ducks’ webbed feet. Hence they have to go for two. Note that Oregon’s uniforms this week are designed to look like the Ducks’ mascot.

And then we have the Ripon third grade game; the play call was a reverse, unfortunately, the running back got his feet tangled with the quarterback’s feet, and managed to disentangle himself just in time to run straight into the wide receiver coming the other direction to take the handoff on the reverse. Not likely to make Sport Center’s Top Ten Plays of the Day.

I am not aware whether or not any of Friday night’s games will make the Top Ten. If I were a wagering man ….

Ripon 31                                                                    Waupun 6
Tigers need to win two of last three to become playoff eligible

Plymouth 34                                                             Winneconne 7
Campbellsport 28                                                   Kettle Moraine Lutheran 0
Berlin 17                                                                   Kewaskum 14
Oostburg 16                                                             Mayville 7                
Laconia 18                                                                Winnebago Lutheran Academy 10           
Lomira 35                                                                 North Fond du Lac 7
Markesan 14                                                            Horicon/Hustisford 0
Lourdes Academy 34                                             Randolph 8
Pardeeville 9                                                                        Montello/Princeton/Green Lake 7               
Kiel 42                                                                       Manitowoc Roncalli 6
Homestead 29                                                          Port Washington 7                          
“For over a thousand years, Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of triumph, a tumultuous parade. In the procession came trumpeteers, musicians and strange animals from conquered territories, together with carts laden with treasure and captured armaments. The conquerors rode in a triumphal chariot, the dazed prisoners walking in chains before him. Sometimes his children robed in white stood with him in the chariot or rode the trace horses. A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting.”

  • General George S. Patton Jr.

Wautoma 49                                                            Westfield 12                                                
Wisconsin Rapids 41                                              Stevens Point 35
SPASH’s first loss in conference play.

Bayport 29                                                               Pulaski 22     
Oconto Falls 39                                                        Clintonville 0
Both teams were winless in conference play going into Friday night’s game.

Auburndale 12                                                         Pittsville 8
Racine Case             52                                                       Racine Park 13
Two winless teams entering Friday night’s play.

Waukesha North 49                                               Waukesha South 15            
Fox Valley Lutheran 36                                        Xavier 8
St. Mary Catholic 39                                              Hilbert/Stockbridge 0
Beaver Dam 35                                                        West Bend West 14                                                
Pewaukee 26                                                                        New Berlin Eisenhower 24
Both were undefeated in Woodland-West entering Friday night’s game

And on Saturday

St. Mary’s Springs                                                  Omro

September 9th 2016 Friday Night Lights

“I don’t read books, but if I did read books, it would be like reading a book.” – Les Miles This makes absolutely no sense; but remember that Les Miles is a “Michigan Man.”


So in the Oshkosh Northwestern I read several letters to the editor from LSU fans, all complimentary of the way they were treated while in Wisconsin for LSU against Bucky in Lambeau. However, if you read the comments in the Louisiana newspapers you will read many uncomplimentary comments, but they were directed towards Les Miles, Cam Cameron, and Brandon Harris.

I found the following comment interesting.

My brother encountered the only obnoxious person that any of us encountered after the game and that person was dispatched by a young man who just a few years earlier was the quarterback for Lawrence College, to whom we extend our thanks.

I didn’t know that Lawrence was still playing football. “Dispatched” — what does that mean? Did the ex-Larry QB shove this guy — like Roger Goodell allegedly shoved Mike Pereira?



Obviously this was not me, as I am both rude and obnoxious, like at the 2007 Michigan at Wisconsin game. “Get him off the field — shoot him if you have to.” But that was only LLLL(one L for every loss that year)oyd Carr, so that shouldn’t count.

I purchased a Titans cap to wear on the road trip to the UW Oshkosh at UW Whitewater game on October 8th. Now, through rumor control I am hearing, that the road trip is being canceled, as the person in charge of arranging the trip and doing the driving (I am in charge of restaurant selection) will be attending a wedding that day.


This raises two issues. I have now spent hard-earned dollars on a Titans cap that I will not need. Fortunately, the Dow Jones Industrial average is up some 115% during the nearly eight years of the Obama administration, so I should be able to absorb this unnecessary expense. If the Dow Jones average were down, as it was during the eight years of the George W. Bush administration, I would have to charge for Friday Night Lights to recoup my cost for the cap.

The second issue concerns the date of the wedding. You do not get married during college football season. In 1971 the NC2A increased the number of regular season games from ten to eleven. At the same time the Big Ten (only ten teams in those days) increased the number of conference games from seven to eight. And in a number of years, until 1983, the first game of the season was a Big Ten Conference game. So on September 12, 1981 I am in Malta, MT for my brother’s wedding. Michigan comes into Camp Randall that day preseason #1. And the Badgers win, 21 – 14. What am I doing in Malta, MT, when I should be in Madtown?

And my good friend Mr. Nietering (Little Blue) informs me that he will miss the Bucky at Michigan game on October 8th because he will be in Chicago attending the wedding of a friend’s daughter. He won’t let me have the tickets because he doesn’t want any Red in a Blue section. See earlier comment on rude and obnoxious.

You do not have weddings during college football season!

So with the recent controversy concerning Colin Kaepernick’s protests during the singing of the National Anthem, I suggest you go to You Tube and watch the 1 minute 46 second video, Wisconsin Badgers vs LSU Tigers National Anthem & Flyover 09.03.2016

The singer is Skylar Stecker, daughter of Aaron Stecker, Mr. Stecker played football with Ashwaubenon High School, Wisconsin and Western Illinois in college, and with the Tampa Bay Bucs, New Orleans Saints, and Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. I suspect that the next football game at which Ms. Stecker will sing the National Anthem will be on October 22nd when the Ripon College Red Hawks travel to De Pere to do battle with Mr. Kane’s alma mater.  I should also note that Mr. Kaepernick’s jersey is now the top selling player’s jersey at the NFL merchandise site. Just saying.

On to the scores, as we had some one-point thrillers.

For want of a point the battle was lost.

Or something like that. I believe it started with a missing nail from a horseshoe.

In the game played last Saturday, Pewaukee lambasted Pius XI Catholic 42 – 0


Kewaskum 28                                                          Ripon 12
Ripon averaging two touchdowns per game; in 2015 the Tigers scored nine touchdowns in nine games 0 – 9 in PATs last year. Five points from PATs in eight games this year.

Plymouth 42                                                             Kettle Moraine Lutheran 0
Berlin 35                                                                   Waupun 14
Campbellsport 16                                                   Winneconne 6
Mayville 38                                                             Lomira 7
Omro 29                                                                    Laconia 26
Winnebago Lutheran Academy 55                     Reedsville 0
Markesan 44                                                            Dodgeland 14
Lourdes Academy 49                                             Rio 20
Montello/Princeton/Green Lake 26                   Parkview 14 (Located in Orfordville)
“Where are you from son?” “Orfordville, WI sir.” “Never heard of it.”

Randolph 6                                                               Deerfield 0                                      
Kiel 31                                                                       New Holstein 25
Whitefish Bay 27                                                    Port Washington 7
Columbus 64                                                            Wautoma 16                                                 

Hortonville 36                                                          Wisconsin Rapids 35           (Thursday)
Pulaski 46                                                                 Sheboygan South 8
Fox Valley Lutheran 56                                        Clintonville 34
Pittsville 38                                                             Chequamegon 24    
Oak Creek 49                                                          Racine Park 6
The alma mater of Brian Calhoun defeats the alma mater of Brent Moss and John Clay. First score of the year for Park comes in the second quarter of game four.

Waukesha North 24                                               Kettle Moraine 10
The Northstars were the US Army Football Team of the Week in week #3, per the Wisconsin Sports Network.

Waupaca 15                                                             Xavier 14
Random Lake 33                                                     St. Mary Catholic 0

Beaver Dam 17                                                         Slinger 10     
Pewaukee 34                                                                        New Berlin West 0  

And one game on Saturday
St. Mary’s Springs                                                  North Fond du Lac


The original plan for this weekend was to go to Grand Haven, MI on the eastern shore of Lake WI (as UW Band Director Michael Leckrone likes to call it) and then on to Ann Arbor with Mr. Nietering to watch Little Blue play the Domers. However, Notre Dame backed out of the contract. As a result, it is Little Blue against Central Florida (0 – 12 last year) and Notre Dame against Nevada. I hope neither team chokes on its cupcake. Especially given that the Irish are on a three-game losing streak during which the Irish have allowed an average of 44 points per game.

September 2, 2016 Friday Night Lights

Received a communiqué from one of our readers voicing his displease that last week’s edition of Friday Night Lights was disseminated one day late. Said reader wondered if he was being punished because his alma mater dominates all the other teams that are being reported on. Actually, I was occupied attempting to determine how many players on said reader’s alma mater’s roster were Catholic boys from Fond du Lac, and how many were recruits from elsewhere. This reader also noted that I always write about the same elected officials, which can get stale. It is just that certain elected officials provide so many opportunities.

A number of years ago I was attending a Markesan – North Fond du Lac game. Sitting immediately behind me were the superintendent of the Horicon school system (now Horicon-Hustisford for football purposes) and his wife. They were scouting Markesan. The superintendent’s wife told me what a great group of 8th grade athletes Horicon had. So I informed her, and I was aware of this — I was not making it up — that Horicon was being heavily recruited by the coach of said reader’s alma mater. The principal’s wife became irate. I told her not to vent at me — I was merely relaying what I had heard; I was not the one recruiting athletes from Horicon. Besides, some schools “don’t recruit.”
And there was the year that said reader’s alma mater lost by less than one score to Winneconne. On the final play of the game a kid from St. Mary’s Springs had a long punt return, and was tackled on the five-yard line. It turns out that this kid resided in the city that was once left off the official state map of Wisconsin. But I don’t whether or not he had been recruited. Needless to say this made the victory doubly sweet for the Winneconne fans.

Also heard an interesting story from the president of Ripon College. Shortly after leaving the nation’s capital and matriculating to an administrative position at the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Messitte made a speech to some group. He wore a pattern tie, with burnt orange being the primary color. The first comment following his presentation was from a gentleman who came up to Dr. Messitte and told him to “lose” the tie; this gentleman was not joking.


So given that I was not selected to be the guest prognosticator for GameDay, I have submitted my application for Dancing with the Stars. However, because I am neither a dancer nor a star, things are not looking good there either. However, I understand that former Texas Governor Rick Perry will be one of the dancers. What’s up with that?

And, I was so looking forward to comment on whether or not Texas could score more than six points, which was the number of arrests of Notre Dame players, the Longhorns’ game-one opponent, in one day.

Some interesting numbers from the wissportsnet webpage on high school football participation in Wisconsin.
• There are 23 high school football teams where two or three (two instances — including Green Lake/Montello/Princeton) high schools have combined into a single football team. The Ridge & Valley Conference has three teams where two high schools have combined to form a single football team.
• There are 31 teams (Great 8 North Conference, Great 8 South Conference, Lakeland Conference and nine Independents [although Three Lakes seems to be in limbo]) playing 8-man football.
• There are five conferences (Central Lakeshore, Eastern Valley, Great Western, Olympian-Packerland-Small, and Rock Valley-South) that have disbanded over the past few years. Of course a major reason for this is conference realignment. Or, as the Repugs (a shortened combination of Republicans and repugnant — for those not familiar with the vernacular) call it — redistricting. I call it gerrymandering.
• The Western Peninsula Athletic Conference contains two teams from Wisconsin (Hurley & Northland Pines) and six from the UP. I didn’t know that there were six high schools in the UP. Note that Big Bay de Noc High School in the UP does not play football. The Thunder Bay Inn in Big Bay is where Anatomy of a Murder was filmed; loosely based on the only murder ever to occur in Big Bay.
• And this does not include schools, Cassville being an example, that made a late decision not to field a football team this year. Of course losing every game 2 – 0 makes it likely that Cassville will, at worst, tie for the lead in the fewest points allowed per game defensive category.
Hard to believe that many schools have played one more game than the number of days that school has been in session.

Ripon 12 Campbellsport 6
Tigers first victory since defeating Campbellsport in 2015, some 357 days ago.
Plymouth 28 Berlin 0
Waupun 27 Kettle Moraine Lutheran 17
Waupun scores 20 unanswered in the fourth

Kewaskum 38 Winneconne 8
Laconia 42 Lomira 10
Omro 53 Mayville 20
Winnebago Lutheran Academy 55 North Fond du Lac 0

St. Mary’s Springs 35 Ozaukee 25
Markesan 42 Montello/Princeton/Green Lake 7
Lourdes Academy 28 Fall River 0
Rio 31 Randolph 29
Randolph took 29-28 lead with five minutes and 37 seconds left. But Rio’s Mekhi Haugen kicked a 28-yard field goal with eight seconds left. I don’t know for certain, but by the name this kid could be a foreign exchange student. If so, we may need to build a wall around Europe; with Europe paying for it of course.

Kiel 40 Valders 21
Port Washington 28 Milwaukee Lutheran 27
Wautoma 41 New Glarus/Monticello 20
Wisconsin Rapids 53 Oshkosh West 32
Pulaski 54 Sheboygan North 13
Wrightstown 56 Clintonville 0
Rib Lake/Prentice 28 Pittsville 14
Kenosha Indian Trail 40 Racine Park 0
Third straight game that Racine Park has failed to dent the scoreboard.

North 26 Arrowhead 20
North defeats the defending WIAA D-I runner-up; Arrowhead falls to 1 – 2.
Menasha 28 Xavier 19
Cedar Grove/Belgium 53 St. Mary Catholic 7
West Bend East 24 Beaver Dam 21 (overtime)
WBE’s Logan Cunningham missed a field goal at the end of regulation, but made the 27-yard game winner in overtime. Third straight year that these two teams have played an overtime game.

And one game on Saturday
Pewaukee Pius XI Catholic

I needed to get this week’s edition of Friday Night Lights out early as we are on our way to Lambeau to watch Bucky take on LSU. We were hoping to take a side trip to Waupaca on the way up to personally view the deplorable conditions in the veterans’ home in King. I have invited Governor Walker and Senator Johnson to join us on the tour. So far no response from either. As stated earlier — they are such easy targets.

August 28, 2016 Friday Night Lights


One of our readers asked that the week one Markesan score be checked for accuracy. The Markesan score was correct. I believe that this was a jaded attempt at humor, given my incorrect reporting of a score in a Markesan High School WIAA tournament baseball game last spring. My normal response would be to “get even”, “hit hard”, and “sue at the drop of a hat.” However, given my new “fair and humane” approach, I will not do any of those things. However, I will point out that said reader once asked some UW students who were tossing a football from Dayton Street up to a third-floor apartment balcony to let him throw it, as he had been an all-conference QB. He barely got it to the second floor; I thought he might break a window. One of the kids looked at me, so I told him it was a small conference, and besides, this man was the only QB ever to be stuffed on four consecutive QB sneaks from inside the one-yard line. The kid said he needed another beer after seeing and hearing this. I told him, don’t we all.

kielCongratulations to Ripon Middle School principal Mr. Bunge’s alma mater, the Kiel Raiders, winners of two games in five days. On Monday they completed the rain-delayed game against Waupun, and on Friday defeated the Ripon Tigers. Berlin Rotarian Jerry Bella, a retired teacher and coach from Kiel, once told me that “Rick Bunge was a tremendous athlete.” To which I responded, “There must be two Rick Bunges.” Mr. Bunge’s take was that “Jerry Bella is an extremely intelligent man.”

But the highlight of the week was that one of our readers was able to tour his alma mater, the new/expanded Fond du Lac St. Mary’s Springs High School. All five figure donors (three figures to the left of the decimal point) received a gilt-edge invitation, delivered via a Fed Ex special delivery letter. This distinguished alum said that the video of Coach Hyland descending from the mountain carrying the stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments of winning high school football was impressive, but he was more impressed with the wall containing the most famous quotes from Coach Hyland.

“Are you hurt? Or are you just $#@^*!^ stupid?” I guess never losing contain on a reverse must be one of the Ten Commandments of winning high school football. One of our loyal readers was so upset after hearing this question uttered by Coach Hyland, that he wrote a letter to the Milwaukee Archdiocese. Apparently that letter received scant attention, as there was no reply forthcoming.

gamedayAnd, sadly, it appears as if I will not be the guest prognosticator on ESPN’s GameDay at Lambeau Field on September 3rd. When I called ESPN to find out where negotiations stood on this, the reply was the same as that of Jake Spoon in Lonesome Dove when Augustus McCrae told him that “I got Laurie back.”


rudyAnd I was so much looking forward to commenting on the Notre Dame football program, six arrests in one day. One more and coach Brian Kelly will be eligible for a free sub sandwich. It makes me wonder if the mural on the Notre Dame library of Jesus with his arms upraised is not TD Jesus, but rather Jesus being robbed at gunpoint by some ND footballers.

And that is why we cover high school football.

Kiel 35                                                                       Ripon 22
Tigers versus Mr. Bunge’s alma mater.
Berlin 41                                                                   Wautoma 6
Dallas Lewallen’s alma mater over Jared Abbrederis’s alma mater
Campbellsport 39                                       Lomira 6
Kewaskum 21                                                          Port Washington 14
Omro 28                                                                    Winneconne 18
The China Bull series started in 1948. The series started when the administrators from Omro and Winneconne decided that it would add to school and community spirit to play the annual football game for a trophy of some kind. As the story goes, while at a teachers’ convention they came across a Red China Bull on display.
Martin Luther 35                                                    Kettle Moraine Lutheran 18
October 31, 2017 will mark the 500th anniversary of the actual Martin Luther posting his 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany.
Waupun 21                                                               New Holstein 18
Sheboygan Falls 29                                                 Plymouth 7
Laconia 25                                                                Mauston 20
Horicon/Hustisford 63                                          North Fond du Lac 22
Hustisford did not field a team in 2015; combining with Horicon in 2016

Winnebago Lutheran Academy 45                     Kenosha St. Joseph 7
Pardeeville 20                                                          Randolph 14
Delavan-Darien 40                                                             Mayville 7
St. Mary’s Springs 28                                            Amherst
The Ledgers, the defending WIAA D-VI champion defeated the defending WIAA D-V champions

Shiocton 37                                                               Markesan 14
Montello/Princeton/Green Lake 14                    Westfield 13
Lourdes Academy 28                                             Crivitz 17
Wisconsin Rapids 13                                              Wausau West 9
Green Bay Southwest 17                                       Pulaski 6
Freedom 63                                                              Clintonville 14
Edgar 50                                                                   Pittsville 0
Milwaukee King 36                                                Racine Park 0
Racine Park’s offense in Week #2 – 101 yards. A 102-yard improvement from Week #1. What has happened to the school of Brent Moss, John Clay, and Mr. Minor?

Waukesha North 49                                               Whitnall 13
Xavier 16                                                                  Seymour 13
Reedsville 20                                                            St. Mary Catholic 14 (One Overtime)
Brookfield East 31                                                 Beaver Dam 0
Pewaukee 22                                                            Wisconsin Lutheran 19


And despite the pathetic performance of Racine Park in its first two games, we shall continue to cover the Panthers, because Mr. Minor is, as of this point in time, our sole African-American reader. “Oh, look at my African-American over here. Look at him.”  “Are you the greatest?”

In a similar vein we have added Tom Herzing to our list of readers. Tom is a retired Journalism and English professor, and administrator, from UW Oshkosh. He has also been a politician and an author, and currently serves as a volunteer mediator for the Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center. Tom is also the Oshkosh Northwestern’s Community (weekly) Columnist. And Tom is in a wheelchair, “Oh, look at my wheelchair guy over here. Look at him.” “Are you the greatest?”

In one of Mr. Herzing’s columns a few months back he wondered whether or not WI Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch was qualified to assume the Governor’s responsibilities, should Scott Walker become the Republican nominee for the presidency and resign his position as Governor. This caused consternation in Ms. Kleefisch’s office, and the office contacted the Northwestern, pointing out that the Lt. Governor was quite concerned about that column. So the Northwestern contacted Tom, and his response was, “Would she like me to write another one?”

So yes, next week we will write another Friday Night Lights column.

August 19, 2016 Friday Night Lights

We begin the 2016 high school football season, and another year of the award-winning Friday Night Lights, with sad news. We have lost our intrepid reporter from the UP. Doug Bradley, who weekly provided the score of the Escanaba Eskymos’ game, sprinkled with game details, wit and wisdom and always ending with “eh”, passed away on July 15th at the age of 72.



Doug was born Sept. 17, 1943, at a cost of $66.95 which included an eight-day stay and a 10 percent charge for increased war costs on hospital supplies and drugs. He spent most of his life involved in education and sports. He started by tagging along with his dad as a foul ball chaser and bat boy and continued as a three-sport athlete at Ripon High School and Ripon College. In 1962 Doug was the recipient of the first Bob Exner Citizenship Scholarship awarded by Ripon Rotary. In 2012, as a member of Ripon Rotary and a Paul Harris Fellow, Doug presented the 50th Bob Exner Citizenship Scholarship awarded by Ripon Rotary.

Doug was most proud of being a first-team, all-conference receiver in 1963 on the last undefeated Ripon College football team. He was also proud to be an athlete of the class 1966, which still remains the only class in Ripon College history to compile a three-year varsity win record of 90 percent or higher. Doug was inducted into the Ripon College Sports Hall of Fame in 1985 and presented the same award to his son Mark in 2010. Doug and Mark Bradley were the first father/son duo inducted as athletes into Ripon College’s Hall of Fame.

Doug signed his first teaching contract in 1966 as a biology teacher, assistant football coach and head baseball coach. During his career, he coached football, baseball, wrestling, softball and track at the high school and college level. After retiring in 2006 as athletic director at Wautoma High School, he enjoyed attending high school football, wrestling and softball events and watching his grandchildren participate in sports.

As captain of the 1965 Ripon College football team, Doug Bradley led the victorious Redmen to the Midwest Conference Championship title and was named most valuable player. In addition to the 1965 football championship, Bradley was key player in securing two more football and two basketball conference titles for Ripon College. He was named to the All-Midwest Conference Football Team as offensive end from 1963-65 and All-State offensive end during his senior year. At Ripon College, Bradley held the career pass receiving record from 1965-78 with 81 catches for 1,186 yards and 123 points. Bradley transferred his athletic knowledge into a successful coaching career and in 1981, was named Central States Conference Coach of the Year. During his days at Ripon College and after, Bradley continued to live up to his motto “live a winning attitude every day.”

Mr. Bradley said that in lieu of flowers for his memorial service, he wanted people to spend time with their families and go to breakfast. Actually the restaurant I prefer to frequent for breakfast has been closed for going on 10 months because it is rebuilding and remodeling following a fire. I suppose I shouldn’t be that frustrated with the amount of time involved to remodel and reopen, as Roadhouse Pizza was 14 months late in reopening, and only about $500,000 over budget. So The Family Restaurant, as of now, is far short of the only BOCA business that actually opened.

Doug will be missed, but as Avery Brundage, the fifth president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said on September 6, 1972 at the memorial service for 11 slain Israeli Olympic athletes during the Summer Olympics in Munich, “The games must go on.”

However, the games are not going on in Cassville, which played in two WIAA state championship games in a three-year span when Mr. Hatlen was coach, as the Comets have cancelled their season.

Nor are the freshmen football games going on in the North Shore Conference (Cedarburg, Germantown, Grafton, Homestead, Milwaukee Lutheran, Nicolet, Port Washington, Whitefish Bay) which cancelled the season due to lack of numbers. Note that one of our readers was a star player at Port Washington High School, and at Ripon College. Said reader is also a member of the Ripon College Sports Hall of Fame.

smsThe 2016 high school football season is underway. Note that we are missing four scores. St. Mary’s Springs is scheduled to play Shiocton Saturday evening. And three games — Mayville-Campbellsport, Pewaukee-West Bend East, and Kiel-Waupun — were stopped, evidently due to the weather. The first two games will be completed on Saturday, and Kiel-Waupun will be completed Monday. What a bunch of wimps. I once attended a Markesan at Lomira game that endured a three plus hours weather day and finished after 1:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. Markesan defeated Lomira in that game. Two of our loyal readers, Darrin Kuehn and Mr. Hatlen, were the respective coaches.


Also note that for various reasons we have removed four teams  — Cassville, Escanaba, McFarland, and the Ripon 6th/7th grade teams — from the teams that we are following. That means that we could add four more teams to the list, so if you know of anyone who would like to join our distinguished readership and have their alma mater’s football results reported on a thoroughly unbiased basis, please have them contact me.

Please note that I will do teams from WI only. So say that one of our (former) Hornet readers would like the results from some hillbilly team in TN, he will need to obtain those results of his own volition. After all, in that instance it is questionable whether or not the players are wearing shoes, and I am quite certain that the fans are not.

That, “Obviously is a big sarcastic; but not that sarcastic to be honest with you.”

Smails – Spaulding 16 “You will get nothing and like it.”

Columbus 44                                                            Ripon 7
Berlin 38                                                                   New Holstein 14
Mayville                                                                    Campbellsport   (Complete on Saturday)
Kewaskum 34                                                          West Bend East 27
Southern Door 32                                                   Winneconne 6
Winnebago Lutheran Academy 49                      Kettle Moraine Lutheran 6
October 31, 2017 will mark the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany.

Kiel                                                                             Waupun  (Complete on Saturday)
Plymouth 24                                                             New Berlin Eisenhower 28
Laconia 14                                                                Wautoma 0
Horicon/Hustisford 22                                          Lomira 20
Hustisford did not field a team in 2015; combining with Horicon in 2016
North Fond du Lac 34                                            Randolph 20
Amherst 27                                                               Omro 13
Amherst is the defending WIAA D-V champion

St. Mary’s Springs                                                    Shiocton    (Saturday Game 7:00 p.m.)
The Ledgers are the defending WIAA D-VI champion, and travel to Amherst next week.

Markesan 42                                                            Cambria-Friesland 14
Montello/Princeton/Green Lake 6                      Wisconsin Dells 0   (Played Thursday)
Wild Rose 31                                                            Lourdes Academy 0 (Played Thursday)
Wisconsin Rapids 27                                              DC Everest 21
Pulaski 46                                                                 Manitowoc Lincoln 8
Shawano 47                                                              Clintonville 0
Port Washington 28                                               New Berlin West 21
Pittsville 32                                                              Tomahawk 30
Muskego 46                                                              Racine Park 0
Waukesha North 37                                               Elkhorn 7
Xavier 38                                                                  New London 14
Pacelli 21                                                                  St. Mary Catholic 20
Beaver Dam 35                                                        Milwaukee Lutheran 6
Pewaukee                                                                  West Bend West


So I am in the midst of negotiations with ESPN’s GameDay. I hope to be the guest prognosticator on GameDay at Lambeau Field on September 3rd. Negotiations are proceeding smoothly, but “we’re not quite there yet.”

And if negotiations take a turn for the worse and prove to be unsuccessful? I will mimic the approach of US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte (Can you say Ugly American?) when he allegedly had a gun pushed in his face during an alleged robbery in Rio, “Like whatever.”


October 16th 2015 Friday Night Lights


Condolences, mixed emotions actually, for the Texas Longhorns. Last Saturday Texas defeated arch-rival Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry 24 – 17, breaking a three game losing streak. Alas, on Friday BEVO XIV passed away in his sleep.

The two scores that we did not have last week:

Montello/Princeton/Green Lake 53 Deerfield 7
Fond du Lac St. Mary’s Springs 55 Laconia 13

To paraphrase Tony Bennett crooning in September Song:

“But, it’s a long, long while from September to November
But the days grow short when you reach September
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
One hasn’t got time for the waiting game”

Oh, the games dwindle down to a precious few
September, November

The final week of the regular season, except for our team in the UP; some teams prepare for the playoffs, while others wait for next year.
Week seven of conference play in the East Central Conference
KML 13 Ripon 12 Tigers 1 – 8, both teams returned a kickoff for a touchdown
Kewaskum 38 Plymouth 0; 9 – 0 for Kewaskum
Waupun 34 Campbellsport 26
Berlin 26 Winneconne 7

Omro 46 Cedar Grove – Belgium 8 Foxes 8 – 1, 6 – 0 in the Flyway
St. Mary’s Springs 53 Mayville 0
Laconia 36 North Fond du Lac 14
WLA 42 Lomira 0
Cassville 48 Belmont 12
Markesan 36 Pardeeville 15
Montello/Princeton/Green Lake 33 North Crawford 14
Oshkosh Lourdes 50 Horicon 8 Combined conf. records 1 – 11
Randolph 1 Hustisford 0 Hustisford did not field a team this year
Stratford 48 Pittsville 7
Little Chute 45 Clintonville 16
Wautoma 56 Mauston 42 I wonder what the over/under was?
Howard’s Grove 20 St. Mary Catholic 13
McFarland 28 Parkview 6
Pewaukee 35 Shorewood/Messmer 0
Racine Horlick 40 Racine Park 7 0 – 9; Mr. Minor, Mr. Moss, & Mr. Clay needed
Catholic Memorial 38 Waukesha North 0
Port Washington 48 Nicolet 21
Sheboygan Falls 24 Kiel 7 Falls 9 – 0, Kiel 8 – 1 after a battle of undefeateds
Xavier 56 Shawano 28 9 – 0 for the Hawks
Beaver Dam 28 West Bend East 21
Green Bay Preble 30 Pulaski 27
Oshkosh North 31 Wisconsin Rapids 21

No report (as of this time) from our intrepid reporter in the UP. Either he is just shirking his responsibility, or he has gotten a better gig. One rumor is that he hit the road and will be covering the Republican presidential campaign, with the goal of writing a sequel to the 1972 Hunter S. Thompson classic, “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail.”
Escanaba 34 Sault Area 14

escanabaEscanaba must beat Kingsford next week; I believe the game is at the Charcoal Pit, to qualify for the Michigan high school playoffs.
Last Saturday the Ripon 6th graders won their first game of the season, in the final game of the season, with a 20 -12 win over Oshkosh North. I believe that the Rip-city Tigers ended their season overwhelming one opponent, underwhelming five, and whelming two. (With apologies to the late Red Smith.)

And our Season Ending Awards:
Team of the Year – the Amherst Falcons; we don’t follow the Falcons, but the D – V state runner-ups from 2014 defeated the top two teams in the Flyway Conference – Omro and St. Mary’s Springs, both of which we do follow – by the combined score of 84 – 21.

Coach of the Year – Bob Hyland; St. Mary’s Springs. For the first time since 2010 St. Mary’s Springs lost two games during the regular season. However, Coach Hyland has this neat blue golf shirt that says St. Mary’s Springs football – 400 victories. And given that one of our readers in an alum of St. Mary’s Springs, and given that said reader once managed to get me a Christmas Card from Congressman Tom Petri, I am hoping that said reader can get me one of those golf shirts; extra large.

Player of the Year Award – the Plymouth placekicker. There is a lot of pressure to make the extra point to get the margin to 35 and start the running clock.

Stat of the Year – 9. Ripon scored 9 touchdowns in 9 games, and was 0 – 9 in PATs. Hustisford; 9 points allowed in a 0 – 9 season. 9 forfeits; all recorded as 0 – 1 losses.

Fan(s) of the Year Award – no award, although the two Ripon fans who were asked to leave a girls’ basketball game in Beaver Dam several years ago were among “others receiving votes.”

Best Officiating Performance of the Year – the referee in the Ripon 6th grade game who was asked to listen in the huddle to the Ripon coach’s instructions to his team. Five seconds remaining in the game; Ripon behind 14 – 0. The other team had just taken its final timeout to attempt a field goal, this after using its other timeouts to preserve time in its final drive to attempt to score more points. The Ripon coach told his team that he wanted all 11 players to rush the kicker, no blitzing allowed in 6th grade football, and block the kick — which is what happened. After the huddle the coach told the referee that now you know what we are going to do. The referee said, “I didn’t hear anything; and I won’t see anything.” Sounds like this official is deserving of a promotion; to the Big Ten.

Best Prepared Team of the Year – The New York Jets. Among the items that the Jets shipped to London for their game against the Miami Dolphins were 350 rolls of toilet paper. When I first heard this my thought was, “You’re sh*&^%ng me.”

Best Scouting Performance – Rotary District Governor Karen White for her restaurant recommendation, PJ Campbell’s at the Depot, in Plymouth for the annual road trip for four RHS fans.
Worst Damn Band in the Land – The Ohio State University. When some members of the Buckeye band weren’t sexually harassing other band members, they were poking fun of Holocaust victims. Can you say classless?

And the playoff picture – “Playoffs! Playoffs! You want to talk playoffs?”
In Like Flynn By the Skin of their Teeth Toast
Kewaskum Winneconne Ripon Berlin Plymouth Waupun Omro Cassville Campbellsport St. Mary’s Springs Pewaukee KML Markesan Laconia Mont/Princ/Green Lake Oshkosh Lourdes Randolph Clintonville Wautoma McFarland Kiel Racine Park Xavier Waukesha North Port Washington Beaver Dam Pulaski
Wisconsin Rapids
St. Mary Catholic

Next week we will have the first round playoff results, and the second round match ups for the winners. Also, the result of the last regular season game for the Escanaba Eskymos.

November 19th, 2015 Finals

It’s Playoff Time – Level IV and V
Level IV
Division IV
Lodi 23 Omro 0

Division VI
St. Mary’s Springs 34 vs. Grantsburg 7

Level V
Division VI
St. Mary’s Springs 39 Darlington 20
Congratulations to the Ledgers on winning yet another State Championship. For the second year in a row they are the only team we follow to win a gold ball.

It is generally accepted that success in football equates to larger donations from alumni. Athletic success equates to financial success. Based on that, I am assuming that our long-time loyal reader who is a graduate of St. Mary’s Springs will be increasing the amount of his donation to his alma mater. I am hoping that he increases it to the point that he can also procure one of those St. Mary’s Springs Football 400 Wins golf shirts for me.

Our team of the year, the Amherst Falcons also won a State Championship, defeating Spencer/Columbus Catholic 42 – 0. I am surmising that St. Mary’s Springs was glad to be competing in Division VI, and not in Division V.


On the college level, Division III, St. Scholastica, who lost to Ripon College 17-16 in Week #1, in a bad game between two teams that weren’t very impressive, at least not on that day. St Scholastica won the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) by winning its next nine games. How bad must that conference be? In any event, St. Scholastica plays its first NCAA D-III playoff game against the WIAC champion Oshkosh Titans at 3:00 p.m. Saturday in Titan Stadium.

If anybody cares to wager, I will take the Titans.

And as we put to bed the final edition of Friday Night Lights for 2015, I would like to make our readers aware of a change coming in 2016. Borrowing from a tradition started by the Wisconsin Badgers; each week we will have a honorary captain for the week. I will select each week’s honoree, and the honoree must have played football, or else have been a cheerleader. We may choose to honor somebody from outside of the football realm of our loyal readers, and maybe venture to sports other than football; but that decision will be made by me.

But to start with we will be recognizing readers for their football exploits. One of our readers was the most valuable player on the freshmen boys’ basketball team at his high school — for four years in a row. Now impressive as that never duplicated feat was, it is not really Friday Night Lights worthy, is it?

And as we close for the year, I invite anybody who has ideas for Friday Night Lights next year to forward them to me. I will do my best to ignore them completely.

October 3rd, 2015 Friday Night Lights

Early version this week as we are off to Camp Randall.
Three teams that we follow are playing this afternoon, so we will update those scores this evening.
Next week we will update the playoff (PLAYOFFS! YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT PLAYOFFS?) possibilities for all teams. Some are already in, some still have work to do, and others, to use the common vernacular, are already toast.
And following week #9, we will award the regular season awards.

So this week the emphasis has shifted from mascot issues, to issues with the playing fields. In St, Louis (it will be Los Angeles next year) there was a fire in the Edward Jones Dome when a pregame pyrotechnics display got a little out of hand and caused the turf near the end zone to briefly catch fire, which delayed the start of the game by approximately 30 minutes.

And at Ingalls Field in Ripon one of the goal posts tilted to an angle, and eventually collapsed. I believe it was due to gravity, with an assist from some Ripon College students. I have superimposed the angled goal post in front of a portion of an announced crowd of 6400 at a Ripon Red Hawk game. Also note that at this time the 25/40 second clock was functioning. And as the Ripon Red Hawk public address announcer (PA-III) might have called it, “That is another Red Hawk goal post down.”



And then we had Alabama coach Nick Saban, who in an appearance on the “Feherty” show on the Golf Channel, made the following statement about fans (short for fanatics) when asked about how he deals with the “haters.”

“I just think that in every sport, there’s about 20 percent bad fans. They don’t get it. They’re disrespectful. They do things and say things that don’t really need to be said; that aren’t helpful; that don’t reflect the image of what college football is all about, or even what sports is all about. You should appreciate the competition.”

Saban when on to say that for a lot of people, college football is an escape, which often leads to over-the-top expectations.

So we have 30 plus readers of Friday Night Lights, which, arithmetically, would make six plus of our readers bad fans. Well we have the public address announcer, and Notre Dame fan, referenced above, who once asked Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema if Mr. Bielema, as the highest paid public employee in the State would show his support for the protesting teachers by forgoing his $800,000 salary increase. Me. Bielema stated that “he had never met a Notre Dame fan who wasn’t arrogant”, and quickly moved on to another table.

And then we have yours truly, who was once asked by Wisconsin coach Barry Alvarez, who interrupted my question to him to inquire of me, “What do you do; don’t you ever make any mistakes?” Plenty of mistakes, but then I wasn’t getting paid $1.8 million per annum. And then there was the time a friend of mine asked me while the PA announcer in Camp Randall was reading the Big Ten Sportsmanship Code, “Are you listening?” I informed her that, “That doesn’t apply to me.” Supposedly my worst was when I screamed towards the field, “Get him off the field; shoot him if you have to.” But that was just LLLLoyd (one L for the number of losses he experienced in a normal season) Carr — that hardly qualifies.

But then I have never been asked, by the officials, to vacate the premises during the course of a game. That did happen to two of our readers, at a girls’ basketball game in Oconomowoc I believe it was. No names, but one gentleman is a distinguished alumnus of RHS, and the other is a graduate of one of the highly respected private schools that we cover. Both attended college as well.

But as Avery Brundage, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) declared at the memorial service — held for 11 Israeli athletes slain by terrorists — in the Olympic Stadium in Munich in 1972, “The games must go on.”

Week five of conference play in the East Central Conference
Waupun 18                            Ripon 12
First win of the season for the Warriors; Tigers have 7 TDs (42 points) in 7 games; no PATs. RYE inbounder Pascal Rinnert holds the school record of 9 PATs — in one game.
Kewaskum 21                        Berlin 6            Kewaskum wins the battle of the undefeateds
Plymouth 15                          Winneconne 14
Campbellsport 26                  KLM   23
Omro 47                                 Lomira 14

The Omro Foxes were WSN Sports team of the week last week for handing St. Mary’s Springs its first Flyway Conference loss since 2010; the Foxes defeated the Ledgers in 2010 as well

Cassville                                 Benton/Scales Mound (IL)      Saturday afternoon.
WLA                                      St. Mary’s Springs             Saturday afternoon
Pittsville 29                             Auburndale 8                         
Mayville 23                             Laconia 20
Luxemburg – Casco 42         Clintonville 6                         
Markesan 26                          Oshkosh Lourdes Academy 7
Cambria-Friesland 48           Randolph 7    
Wautoma 41                          Westfield 6                
Kohler/Sheboygan Lutheran/Christian 35             St. Mary Catholic 32
Jefferson 26                          McFarland 6
New Berlin Eisenhower        Pewaukee                                            Saturday afternoon
Kenosha Bradford 30           Racine Park 0
Mukwonago 49                                              Waukesha North 27 
Grafton 21                                                     Port Washington 6
Kiel 34                                                            Brillion 21                               7 – 0 for Kiel
Xavier 37                                                        Green Bay East  6                   7 – 0 for the Hawks
Watertown 18                                                Beaver Dam 6
Montello/Princeton/Green Lake 27             Pardeeville 6
De Pere 54                                                      Pulaski 7
Neenah 27                                                      Wisconsin Rapids 9

Our intrepid reporter from the UP checks back in with a score, but not a particularly impressive one. Four consecutive losses for the Eskymos after a 2 – 0 start. .

Last Saturday’s result – Detroit Country Day 26  Escanaba 0
Hi, again, hon! No good news from UP here tonight. The Escanaba Eskymos made the short trip down M-35 and into the Central Time Zone to take on the #1, in Division 5, Menominee Maroons. The Eskymos were dominated, by their hosts, in every phase of the game, as the Maroons ran away with 45-7 win. I suspect it was a severe case of bus-lag, eh?
 Last Saturday the Ripon 6th graders lost to Kimberly 30 – 0, dropping their record to 0 – 4 – 2.
There are no playoffs for the 6th grade teams.



September 12th, 2015 Friday Night Lights

This issue is late because I do not have a complete email list on my laptop, and couldn’t success the mailing list until after I got home from the Badger game.


Coach of the week – Bret Bielema Arkansas. At Wisconsin he always beat the cupcakes; at Arkansas it appears as if he is eating all the cupcakes.


Quote of the week – “Playoffs; you want to talk about playoffs?” NFL coach Jim Mora; although it could have been , manager of the Crew.

Hardest Ticket to get – finals of the women’s championship at the Italian Women’s Tennis Tournament in New York. How much money did scalpers lose when Serena lost in the semi-finals?

So I had a request that when in America I should write American; so I will attempt to do so. Also, I left my mic on when recording my thoughts on what comments to make. I do need to note that the performance of the All-Midwest Conference Game Management Crew in the Ripon Red Hawks’ home opening game last Saturday was certainly not of all-conference caliber. Abysmal (I believe that is an American word) would be a more apt descriptor. It is a pretty sad state of affairs when the two highlights of the game were:

  1. A 1966 graduate of RHS playing the tuba in the Ripon College pep band. I was told by an administrator from Ripon College that, “we will take anybody.”
  2. A Ripon College student, and former Miss Fond du Lac (from a year somewhat more recent than 1966) singing the National Anthem. She used her smart phone for the lyrics. And when I suggested that her performance should be downgraded for use of a teleprompter (I am sure that is an American word), I was overruled by a unanimous vote (three of four members present and voting.) They wondered how anyone could even consider issuing demerits to the former Miss Fond du Lac for her rendition of the American anthem. That may have been the only thing these three got right all day.

So we will reset the game clock from 13:48 to 13:49 and let the games begin. Or, as the late Frank Gifford said on CBS the Sunday following the NBC Heidi-game fiasco in 1968: “Heidi ho and away we go.”

Week two of conference play in the East Central Conference.

Kewaskum 27            Winneconne 6              
Ripon 12               Campbellsport 8
Berlin 28              Plymouth 7    Plymouth’s QB suffers a concussion
KML 33                 Waupun 19
Lomira 33                    Mayville 0
Cassville 39                 River Ridge 12            Two more wins for Mr. Hatlen’s teams; three if you count Randy’s Badgers.
Pittsville 44                 Rib Lake/Prentice 7    Pittsville not only scored its first points of the season, but scored its first victory as well.
Omro 22                 Laconia 6
Wrightstown 48          Clintonville 14
Markesan 54             Horicon 6
Oshkosh Lourdes Academy 42   Randolph 21

Dodgeland 18                           Montello/Princeton/Green Lake 13
Columbus 21                           Wautoma 14
St. Mary Catholic 19                   Random Lake 6
Evansville/Albany 22                   McFarland 0
Pewaukee 35                            Pius XI Catholic 15
Oak Creek 47                           Racine Park 6
Kettle Moraine 14                      Waukesha North 6
Whitefish Bay 48                       Port Washington 14
Pulaski 27                             Sheboygan North 20                                       .
Kiel 35                                New Holstein 0
St. Mary’s Springs 63                  North Fond du lac 7
Xavier 23                              Waupaca 14
Wisconsin Lutheran 28                  Beaver Dam 18

And in the forfeiture hearing.
Williams Bay 1                        Hustisford 0

Evidently Williams Bay was prepared to field a team, and Hustisford was not. Both schools expressed their great respect for Roger Goodell for his sagacious adjudication of the situation.

And from our intrepid reporter in the UP:

Not good news tonight, hon! In a very physical battle between two, 2-0 teams, the Escanaba Eskymos, from the upper UP, fell, 17-7, to the Gaylord Blue Devils, down in the lower UP.

Escanaba, which allowed just two, first-half field goals, slugged it’s way to a 7-6 lead, early in the 4th quarter, but three Eskymo turnovers and a Blue Devil touchdown, 2-point conversion and 45-yard field goal proved to be the difference over the last eleven minutes of the game.

It will be a long ride over the bridge tonight, eh? 

About the three field goals, including the 45-yarder, are you recruiting that kicker for your alma mater? Apparently the Red Hawks experienced some kicking issues in their 13-14 loss to Rockford College on Saturday.