November 19th, 2015 Finals

It’s Playoff Time – Level IV and V
Level IV
Division IV
Lodi 23 Omro 0

Division VI
St. Mary’s Springs 34 vs. Grantsburg 7

Level V
Division VI
St. Mary’s Springs 39 Darlington 20
Congratulations to the Ledgers on winning yet another State Championship. For the second year in a row they are the only team we follow to win a gold ball.

It is generally accepted that success in football equates to larger donations from alumni. Athletic success equates to financial success. Based on that, I am assuming that our long-time loyal reader who is a graduate of St. Mary’s Springs will be increasing the amount of his donation to his alma mater. I am hoping that he increases it to the point that he can also procure one of those St. Mary’s Springs Football 400 Wins golf shirts for me.

Our team of the year, the Amherst Falcons also won a State Championship, defeating Spencer/Columbus Catholic 42 – 0. I am surmising that St. Mary’s Springs was glad to be competing in Division VI, and not in Division V.


On the college level, Division III, St. Scholastica, who lost to Ripon College 17-16 in Week #1, in a bad game between two teams that weren’t very impressive, at least not on that day. St Scholastica won the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) by winning its next nine games. How bad must that conference be? In any event, St. Scholastica plays its first NCAA D-III playoff game against the WIAC champion Oshkosh Titans at 3:00 p.m. Saturday in Titan Stadium.

If anybody cares to wager, I will take the Titans.

And as we put to bed the final edition of Friday Night Lights for 2015, I would like to make our readers aware of a change coming in 2016. Borrowing from a tradition started by the Wisconsin Badgers; each week we will have a honorary captain for the week. I will select each week’s honoree, and the honoree must have played football, or else have been a cheerleader. We may choose to honor somebody from outside of the football realm of our loyal readers, and maybe venture to sports other than football; but that decision will be made by me.

But to start with we will be recognizing readers for their football exploits. One of our readers was the most valuable player on the freshmen boys’ basketball team at his high school — for four years in a row. Now impressive as that never duplicated feat was, it is not really Friday Night Lights worthy, is it?

And as we close for the year, I invite anybody who has ideas for Friday Night Lights next year to forward them to me. I will do my best to ignore them completely.

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