August 28, 2016 Friday Night Lights


One of our readers asked that the week one Markesan score be checked for accuracy. The Markesan score was correct. I believe that this was a jaded attempt at humor, given my incorrect reporting of a score in a Markesan High School WIAA tournament baseball game last spring. My normal response would be to “get even”, “hit hard”, and “sue at the drop of a hat.” However, given my new “fair and humane” approach, I will not do any of those things. However, I will point out that said reader once asked some UW students who were tossing a football from Dayton Street up to a third-floor apartment balcony to let him throw it, as he had been an all-conference QB. He barely got it to the second floor; I thought he might break a window. One of the kids looked at me, so I told him it was a small conference, and besides, this man was the only QB ever to be stuffed on four consecutive QB sneaks from inside the one-yard line. The kid said he needed another beer after seeing and hearing this. I told him, don’t we all.

kielCongratulations to Ripon Middle School principal Mr. Bunge’s alma mater, the Kiel Raiders, winners of two games in five days. On Monday they completed the rain-delayed game against Waupun, and on Friday defeated the Ripon Tigers. Berlin Rotarian Jerry Bella, a retired teacher and coach from Kiel, once told me that “Rick Bunge was a tremendous athlete.” To which I responded, “There must be two Rick Bunges.” Mr. Bunge’s take was that “Jerry Bella is an extremely intelligent man.”

But the highlight of the week was that one of our readers was able to tour his alma mater, the new/expanded Fond du Lac St. Mary’s Springs High School. All five figure donors (three figures to the left of the decimal point) received a gilt-edge invitation, delivered via a Fed Ex special delivery letter. This distinguished alum said that the video of Coach Hyland descending from the mountain carrying the stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments of winning high school football was impressive, but he was more impressed with the wall containing the most famous quotes from Coach Hyland.

“Are you hurt? Or are you just $#@^*!^ stupid?” I guess never losing contain on a reverse must be one of the Ten Commandments of winning high school football. One of our loyal readers was so upset after hearing this question uttered by Coach Hyland, that he wrote a letter to the Milwaukee Archdiocese. Apparently that letter received scant attention, as there was no reply forthcoming.

gamedayAnd, sadly, it appears as if I will not be the guest prognosticator on ESPN’s GameDay at Lambeau Field on September 3rd. When I called ESPN to find out where negotiations stood on this, the reply was the same as that of Jake Spoon in Lonesome Dove when Augustus McCrae told him that “I got Laurie back.”


rudyAnd I was so much looking forward to commenting on the Notre Dame football program, six arrests in one day. One more and coach Brian Kelly will be eligible for a free sub sandwich. It makes me wonder if the mural on the Notre Dame library of Jesus with his arms upraised is not TD Jesus, but rather Jesus being robbed at gunpoint by some ND footballers.

And that is why we cover high school football.

Kiel 35                                                                       Ripon 22
Tigers versus Mr. Bunge’s alma mater.
Berlin 41                                                                   Wautoma 6
Dallas Lewallen’s alma mater over Jared Abbrederis’s alma mater
Campbellsport 39                                       Lomira 6
Kewaskum 21                                                          Port Washington 14
Omro 28                                                                    Winneconne 18
The China Bull series started in 1948. The series started when the administrators from Omro and Winneconne decided that it would add to school and community spirit to play the annual football game for a trophy of some kind. As the story goes, while at a teachers’ convention they came across a Red China Bull on display.
Martin Luther 35                                                    Kettle Moraine Lutheran 18
October 31, 2017 will mark the 500th anniversary of the actual Martin Luther posting his 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany.
Waupun 21                                                               New Holstein 18
Sheboygan Falls 29                                                 Plymouth 7
Laconia 25                                                                Mauston 20
Horicon/Hustisford 63                                          North Fond du Lac 22
Hustisford did not field a team in 2015; combining with Horicon in 2016

Winnebago Lutheran Academy 45                     Kenosha St. Joseph 7
Pardeeville 20                                                          Randolph 14
Delavan-Darien 40                                                             Mayville 7
St. Mary’s Springs 28                                            Amherst
The Ledgers, the defending WIAA D-VI champion defeated the defending WIAA D-V champions

Shiocton 37                                                               Markesan 14
Montello/Princeton/Green Lake 14                    Westfield 13
Lourdes Academy 28                                             Crivitz 17
Wisconsin Rapids 13                                              Wausau West 9
Green Bay Southwest 17                                       Pulaski 6
Freedom 63                                                              Clintonville 14
Edgar 50                                                                   Pittsville 0
Milwaukee King 36                                                Racine Park 0
Racine Park’s offense in Week #2 – 101 yards. A 102-yard improvement from Week #1. What has happened to the school of Brent Moss, John Clay, and Mr. Minor?

Waukesha North 49                                               Whitnall 13
Xavier 16                                                                  Seymour 13
Reedsville 20                                                            St. Mary Catholic 14 (One Overtime)
Brookfield East 31                                                 Beaver Dam 0
Pewaukee 22                                                            Wisconsin Lutheran 19


And despite the pathetic performance of Racine Park in its first two games, we shall continue to cover the Panthers, because Mr. Minor is, as of this point in time, our sole African-American reader. “Oh, look at my African-American over here. Look at him.”  “Are you the greatest?”

In a similar vein we have added Tom Herzing to our list of readers. Tom is a retired Journalism and English professor, and administrator, from UW Oshkosh. He has also been a politician and an author, and currently serves as a volunteer mediator for the Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center. Tom is also the Oshkosh Northwestern’s Community (weekly) Columnist. And Tom is in a wheelchair, “Oh, look at my wheelchair guy over here. Look at him.” “Are you the greatest?”

In one of Mr. Herzing’s columns a few months back he wondered whether or not WI Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch was qualified to assume the Governor’s responsibilities, should Scott Walker become the Republican nominee for the presidency and resign his position as Governor. This caused consternation in Ms. Kleefisch’s office, and the office contacted the Northwestern, pointing out that the Lt. Governor was quite concerned about that column. So the Northwestern contacted Tom, and his response was, “Would she like me to write another one?”

So yes, next week we will write another Friday Night Lights column.

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